Sample: 2018 HBG 006 A

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Dataset:Binational collaboration to characterize[…] - Chaffin et al. 2021
Sample name: 2018 HBG 006 A
Collection timestamp: 2018-08-09T12:08:00-04:00
Location [GAZ ontology]: Lake Erie
NOAA site:
Sample type: metagenome
Has paired data: False
SRA accession:SRR23363404
Amplicon target:
Fwd primer:
Rev primer:
Read count:
Reads mapped contigs:
Reads mapped genes:
NCBI BioProject:PRJNA932433
GOLD analysis projectID:
GOLD sequencing projectID:
JGI study ID:
JGI biosample ID:
GAZ id: GAZ:00003932
Latitude [decimal degrees]: 41.6557
Longitude [decimal degrees]: -83.01267
ENVO Ontology ID [ENVO ontology]: large freshwater lake biome [ENVO:00000891]
Env local scale: Lake [ENVO:00000020]
Sample material [ENVO ontology]: water [ENVO:00002006]
Keywords: HABs
Sample collection depth: 5.25 m
Sediment depth:
Depth at sampling location:
Filter retained pore size:
Pre-filter pore size:
pH: 8.6
Temperature: 25.57 °C
Ammonium: 0.806 mg/L
Nitrate: 23.214 mg/L
Dissolved oxygen: 8.12 mg/L
Conductivity: 253.7 μS/cm
Secchi depth: 2 m
Turbidity: 2.64 NTU
Particulate microcystin: 1.33 μg/L
Dissolved Microcystin: 0.38 μg/L
Microcystin: 1.71 μg/L
Chlorophyll: 7.92 μg/L
Total phosphorus: 0.363 μg/L
Total dissolved phosphorus:
Soluble reactive phosphorus:
Nitrate and nitrite: 23.214 mg/L
Particulate organic carbon:
Particulate organic nitrogen:
Dissolved organic carbon:
DOM absorbance at 400 nm:
Hydrogen peroxide:
Suspended particulate matter:
Suspended volitile solids:
Microcystis cell count:
Planktothrix cell count:
Anabaena cell count:
Cylidrospermopsis cell count:
Ice cover:
Chlorophyll a fluorescence: 0.47 rel AU
Sampling device:
Modified or experimental: False
Is isolate: False
Negative control [TRUE / FALSE]: False
Mock community [TRUE / FALSE]: False
Volume filtered:
Filtration duration [hh:mm:ss]:
qPCR; Phytoxigene total cyanobacteria:
qPCR; Phytoxigene mcyE:
qPCR; Phytoxigene sxtA:
Silicate: 22.918 umol/L
Total nitrogen: 50.165 umol/L
Green algae: 0.16 ug/L
Bluegreen algae: 1.79 ug/L
Diatoms: 1.12 ug/L
Cryptophyta: 1.58 ug/L
Total microcystin determined by LCMSMS: 0.08 ug/L
Photosynthetically active radiation:
Wave height:
Wind speed:
Phycocyanin fluoresence :
Salinity measured using a sonde:
Atmospheric temperature:
Particulate cylindrospermopsin, measured via ELISA:
Redox potential-ORP:
Replicate id if metagenomic samples sequenced in replicate:
AlgaeTorch Cyanobacterial abundance detection (cyanobacteria chlorophyll-a):
AlgaeTorch total chlorophyll-a detection:
Environment Canada Sampling site:
Environment Kenya Sampling site:
Amended sampling location name if not the same as the original site name:
Station description about location: