Contact and Data Submission

Please email us at with any questions, comments, or suggestions about GLAMR. GLAMR is in active development and we welcome feedback on how to improve the user experience including features you would like to see added.

We’re always looking for new datasets to include! If you have samples relevant to the Great Lakes to add—whether they’re recently sequenced, have been hiding on your server for years, or are publicly available but we missed them—please email us so that we can work with you to include them in GLAMR. GLAMR relies largely on public datasets and data re-use to provide this resource to the Great Lakes community—please help us in this mission. By including data in GLAMR you can improve the reach and impact of your work as it will be attributed to you, including any associated publications. We prefer that ‘omics datasets are first uploaded to NCBI SRA which we can then pull from. A GLAMR-specific metadata template will be provided and we can also assist in curating your sample data. GLAMR welcomes submissions relevant to the Great Lakes—these can include environmental samples from the Great Lakes or other water bodies in the Great Lakes watershed, or relevant laboratory samples such as enrichment cultures, isolate genomes, etc.