Publication: Krishnan et al. 2018 "Isolation and Characterization of[…]"

Authors: Anjali Krishnan, Yu-Qin Zhang, Xiaozhen Mou
Title: Isolation and Characterization of Microcystin-Degrading Bacteria from Lake Erie
Published in: Bulletin of Enviornmental Contamination and Toxicology (2018)
Key words: microcystin, cyanotoxins, microcystin degredation
Abstract: Heterotrophic bacteria are suggested as the major agents that degrade microcystins (MCs), a major cyanotoxins, in natural environments. However, little is known of the taxonomic and functional diversity of MC-degrading bacteria in Lake Erie of the Laurentian Great Lakes, the largest freshwater system on earth. This study obtained six bacterial pure isolates from Lake Erie with an ability to use MCs as the sole carbon and energy sources. MC degradation rates of the isolates were impacted by temperature and pH. The key gene for MC degradation (mlrA) were failed to be PCR amplified from for all 6 MC degraders, indicating they may possess a novel MC degradation pathway. In addition for potentials used in MC bioremediation, two isolates maybe can offer extra benefits as biofertilizers.
Datasets [for which this is the primary paper]:16S amplicons for six bacterial isolates from Lake Erie